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At Polygon Energy, we’re super pumped about making this world a better place to live in. We dream of a world where clean, renewable energy sources are available readily and spontaneously for all. Through our humble efforts, we hope to encourage our homes and businesses alike to move to responsible, sustainable energy systems. If you, like us, are technologists for the future, and are uber passionate about our world and enabling adoption of clean energy, we’d love to hear from you. Below are roles that we’re already hiring for – see if you fit the bill!

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Power Engineering Advisory Services
Test Drive our Sensing & Control System
Subcontracting services
our EPC offerings
systems optimisation
Power Engineering Advisory Services

Power Engineering Advisory Services

We have extensive experience in electricity network planning, design, construction, and maintenance. Whether you need basic technical assistance with your network connection approvals, drawings and calculations, or something more complex such as a network technical study, power flow analysis, or general power engineering related advice - we can help.

For a small fee, we can also conduct a detailed feasibility study of various renewable energy and DER options for your home or business.

Power Engineering Advisory Services

Test Drive our Sensing & Control System

Feel the pulse of your commercial building before investing in deploying an energy solution. You don’t have to buy and permanently install an advanced sensing system to analyse what is happening in your building. You can hire the sensing and control system for any period from one week up to years to gain the value of what is going on in your building. This enables you to run and experiment with a series of energy efficiency initiatives, make changes to the space and learn the result of your changes. This enables the development of a comprehensive energy investment business case based on actual test results.

Test Drive our Sensing & Control System
Subcontracting services

Subcontracting services

We also extend our services on a contractual basis, giving you maximum flexibility to avail our world class energy and consultancy services. Our offerings include:

  • Design of small, medium and large commercial renewable energy systems in compliance with relevant Australian Standards and CEC guidelines
  • Assisting DNSPs in fulfilling their Network DSO (Distribution System Operator) role
  • Preventative testing and maintenance of renewable energy systems
  • Pre-install analysis of solar irradiation and shading through site testing and logging
Subcontracting services

Our EPC offerings

We also offer engineering procurement and construction of every section of your energy needs. Our EPC services include:

  1. Power supply and storage for apartment common areas and individual tenants
  2. Commercial renewable power supply and storage
  3. Microgrids
  4. Community batteries
  5. Remote Area Power Supplies (RAPS)
  6. Off-Grid Power Supply
  7. Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)
  8. Residential and commercial EV charging infrastructure

Systems Optimisation

We design and implement a system with remote monitoring and logic control using relays, sensors and custom applications that automatically orchestrates the operation of various appliances and electrical loads to optimise the use of your renewable energy.

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A typical residential project timeline

Below is an example of a typical project timeline for a solar energy system – from setup to execution.

our products

Our three primary products offer the perfect fit for any smart home renewable energy system. The range is divided among three distinct ranges, each of which are suited for requirements of varying magnitudes, and can be customised to tailor-match your needs.

The Smart Value Range
The Smart premium Range
The energy brain Range

Add-on services

On top of our product ranges listed above, we offer great modularity of services.
As a result, you can enjoy added services on any product range. These services include:

  1. Annual maintenance plans
  2. AI-based smart home (same as in Energy Brain)
  3. Virtual Power Plant (VPP) options
  4. Single-phase or three-phase smart EV chargers
  5. Single-phase or three-phase hot water diverters (3.6kW and 4.8kW capacities)

add on services