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How Smart Batteries are driving better Battery Optimization and Energy Trading

Smart Batteries are driving better Battery Optimization and Energy Trading



Solar has become the latest buzzword with increased awareness in people to save and preserve our environment from hazards caused by fossil fuel emissions. It is now a common sight to see Solar panels on every rooftop, with households trying to harness the energy of the Sun to fulfill their daily energy needs.

However, to leverage the full potential of solar energy, solar batteries play an essential role by storing energy generated during the day to be used when the Sun is not shining or during power outages. Could you further enhance the benefits of using a battery so that you are not just storing energy but intelligently using that stored energy? Then read on.

This article explores how smart batteries enhance solar energy producers' experience and purpose in extracting maximum benefit from their stored energy.

Battery Optimization Using Smart Batteries

Using a solar battery is undoubtedly the best option to store excess energy for later use, but if you had excess energy in your battery too. You could sell this extra energy back to the grid to fulfill an energy deficit. This way, you could get some credit on your electricity bill and hence make additional savings.

However, solar battery technology is constantly evolving so that you can extract maximum efficiency from your batteries. Smart Solar batteries result from such innovation and have revolutionized how we store and utilize solar energy.

The benefits of Smart Batteries are manifold, from reducing dependence on conventional sources of energy, saving costs on electricity bills, and promoting the usage of clean green energy even when the Sun is not shining.

While these basic functionalities of a Smart Battery may seem similar to a Traditional Battery, Smart Batteries offer unique features that establish their potential to go beyond simple energy storage devices, transforming them into intelligent and adjustable elements of an energy management system.

The unique ability of Smart Batteries to communicate with smart devices and connect with energy management systems enable solar users to monitor and control their solar batteries from the comfort of their hand. With real-time data on how much energy is stored, utilized, and discharged to the grid, users can make intelligent and cost-effective decisions on their battery energy.

Using Smart Batteries for Solar Energy Trading

Smart Batteries play a significant role in connecting individual energy producers and consumers, thus decreasing the dependence on centralized fossil-fuel energy sources. Smart Batteries offer load monitoring and control features through which users are constantly updated on the current energy statistics in the battery.

Such a data-driven approach enables users to enter the Energy Trading framework, selling or buying surplus energy stored in the battery based on the local community's current supply/demand dynamics. By combining the capabilities of smart batteries with energy trading, energy producers can make informed decisions and help balance energy demand and supply.

What is interesting is that the energy trade happens without the intervention of an energy company, thus enabling sellers to enjoy the full benefit from the trade without the energy company gaining a cut on the entire transaction. In effect, the seller receives the wholesale price for the energy sold to the consumer and is the sole beneficiary of the energy trade.  

You can still save energy with Traditional Batteries

Even though Smart Batteries, in tandem with Energy Trading, amplify the advantages of energy storage and decentralization, you can still rely on Traditional Batteries if your only goal is to save on your electricity bill by judiciously using solar energy.

Carefully plan to use heavy-duty electric appliances during the day when the solar energy supply is at its peak so that energy stored in your traditional battery is just enough to keep your house lit throughout the night. This way, you save on your electricity bill while nullifying your dependence on the grid and even avoid your Traditional Battery running out of power.

Energy Trading made easy through Amber's SmartShift™

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Solar batteries have proved to be game changers in providing energy independence, cost savings, and promoting a positive environmental impact. You can choose a Traditional or Smart battery based on your requirement. While both provide the basic functionality of a battery, Smart Battery goes a notch higher in revolutionizing how you can harness and utilize solar energy.

With Smart Batteries and Energy Trading, the renewable energy ecosystem finds the right balance between energy producers and consumers, eventually benefiting both parties and fostering a resilient and sustainable energy system.

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