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Complete Solar Energy Solutions – Efficient, Sustainable, and Long-lasting

Complete Solar Energy Solutions


In modern times, the need for clean green energy has become inevitable, with increased awareness about the benefits that green energy solutions bring to the current generation and future generations as well. Compared to all renewable energy solutions, Solar energy is by far the most reliable and cheapest solution to install and maintain. But is it as simple as installing solar panels on your rooftop and using a battery to store the energy? Maybe not, because such isolated solar solutions – mostly off-grid solutions – may result from insufficient or absence of power requirement analysis in a household or commercial establishment and may not fulfill the actual energy requirements of the dwelling.

Going solar is a long-term investment. You must carefully research and install quality products to enjoy the maximum yield from your solar system. Therefore, a well-researched, scrutinized solution can provide real value for money on solar investment.

In this article, let us explore how a complete well-examined solar solution provides optimum energy output in accordance with the energy needs of a household.

First, let us understand what a complete solar energy solution is. And what makes it complete versus an isolated solar energy solution?

Complete solar solutions look at the bigger picture and provide a long-term solution for both the customer and the grid. Such solutions have the intelligence to optimize the use of renewable solar energy and minimize energy import and export to the grid. Despite being connected to the grid, each complete solar energy system aims to be self-sufficient and use the grid only as a backup.

Now, let us understand the factors that a complete solar solution considers to provide the best solar solution once set up:

  • Understand consumer energy usage patterns.
  • Understand appliance power characteristics and power draw requirements (for instance, surge.)
  • Knowledge of customer future integration requirements – such as EV, appliance replacement from gas-to-electric, etc.
  • Understand customers' current electricity tariffs and advise which is most suitable for their energy usage pattern.
  • Understand weather patterns and their impact on energy generation and storage.
  • Consider each appliance (loads) as a node in a specific micro-system and consider each system as a node in the overall network that can detect the cheapest source of energy (sources such as solar, battery, or grid)
  • Automatic scheduling of loads and timing of their operation, such as they operate as an integrated unit to minimize energy consumption from the grid.
  • Accurate system sizing and specifying various operation modes and deliverables.
  • Understand the location of the house and the inclination of the roof. 

Polygon Energy Recommends and Offers Complete Solar Solutions

We at Polygon Energy are committed to providing our customers with the best solar solution, enabling them to move towards a sustainable future. We offer comprehensive solar solutions that optimally harness solar energy to satisfy various energy needs of customers. Our solutions include all the components required to generate, store, and utilize solar energy effectively and efficiently. Our team of experts meticulously researches and plans solar installations considering every aspect, such as the durability of the solar system, the expected duration of the project, and the installation cost.

With thorough planning under our sleeve, Polygon Energy is in a constant endeavor to provide complete solar solutions that add significant value and an enduring solution to customers. Such solutions build a solid foundation for Polygon Energy's goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Generating electricity from the Sun is attractive and one of the most remarkable technological innovations of modern times. With ample groundwork on understanding your power requirements, you can choose the best solar solution for your house or business and embark on an enchanting solar journey that saves your present and promises a better future. Do weigh the pros and cons of your solar requirements such that your solar installation is the best long-standing investment that you make to serve your energy needs. And remember to opt for professional help so that your decisions are vetted by the solar specialists who thoroughly research and provide tailored recommendations that align with your energy, budget, and long-term goals.