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Community Batteries – Your Local Powerhouse for Energy

Community Batteries – Your Local Powerhouse for Energy


Rooftop solar panels have been one of the most sought-after means of renewable energy production for households and business establishments. Solar panels, when coupled with batteries, enable homes to utilize solar energy not just during the day but also at night or when the sun is not shining.

Reports suggest that not all solar users own a battery, which means they still rely on the grid for energy when the sun goes down. Community batteries are the ultimate solution for such solar users, enabling them to utilize solar energy's benefits fully.

What is a Community Battery?

Community batteries are a locally shared pool of energy established in a neighborhood. Excess solar power generated in solar panels in the community is channeled to a community battery that households can use instead of importing electricity from the grid.

Community Batteries facilitate the storage of large quantities of solar energy for households and businesses to enjoy electricity at affordable prices. In addition to lowering electricity bills, community batteries enable homes that cannot invest in batteries to avail themselves of the benefits of sustainable energy, thus promoting a lower carbon footprint in the environment.

On a need basis, households can pull electricity from a community battery. Even non-solar households can extract energy from community batteries, making them the most comprehensive solar solution for the entire community. A smart meter tracks the electricity consumption from the community battery and reflects the cost of the household's monthly electricity bill.

A community battery is just like a placeholder to store excess solar energy; its size could be that of a household refrigerator or a shipping container. Its storage capacity could vary from 100kW to 1MW. Each residence in the community is allocated a slice of the community battery to store excess solar energy produced in their house. Later, they can use this surplus energy at night or avoid using grid power.

Advantages of Community Battery

The most important aspect of having a community battery in your neighborhood is the savings you can enjoy on your electricity bill without any upfront investment in solar panels. Additionally, community batteries provide a myriad of advantages, such as:

  • A common-pool resource that solar and even non-solar households can use.
  • A perfect alternative to energy provided through conventional poles and wires.
  • Enable solar energy to be affordable to everyone, as residents need to invest only in solar panels.
  • Lessen pressure and dependence on the grid for the entire community.
  • Contribute to reduced carbon emissions.
  • Act as a grid stabilizer by absorbing excess solar energy, thus managing fluctuations in energy demand and supply throughout the day.

These community batteries are strategically installed within local townhouses, acting as a unifying force in the quest for sustainable energy.

Polygon Energy - Experts in Setting up Community Batteries

Setting up and maintaining a safe, reliable, and durable Community Battery installation requires high-quality components, specialized skills, and expertise. Polygon Energy – a New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC)-approved seller and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designer – boasts well-trained engineers fully qualified to design such complex energy systems.

Our power system design experience, including power flow analysis and network technical studies, equips us with the skills to handle complicated technical and regulatory requirements. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technological trends and best practices, which are vital for successfully implementing community battery projects.

Our highly skilled Power System engineers at Polygon Energy can propose community battery project designs that efficiently integrate with the existing power grids and enhance grid stability. Our engineers also assess vulnerabilities, technical challenges, grid compatibility, and site suitability to evaluate the feasibility of a community battery project in a specific locality. With such a wealth of knowledge on power system planning, our engineers can tackle technical challenges and ensure a stable and effective community battery installation.

Should you need any help or guidance in assessing whether a community battery suits your locality, our experts at Polygon Energy are just a call or SMS away.Contact Us

Let us unite as a community to store and make the best use of solar energy efficiently!